Kristi Curtis: Team-First Attitude


Three years ago, 4 Star Diamond Coach, Kristi Curtis, was stuck in a major rut. She had worked hard for a decent paying job in the financial industry. But she was working to live, not living to work. It was a miserable feeling. She knew she wanted to “fire her boss”, but she didn’t know how.

The answer came when Kristi was invited to become a Team Beachbody Coach and get paid to help people. She was skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true. But just three months before heading back to school to get her MBA, Kristi declined her business school offer and jumped head first into Coaching.

“I was going back to school because I was looking for the opportunity to do something more,” explains Kristi. “But I found that with Beachbody.”

A year after becoming a Coach, she walked away from her soul-sucking financial job and never looked back.

Kristi was just getting started.

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’

At first Kristi’s ‘Why’ was her financial independence. But now her ‘Why’ is bigger than herself. Now, her ‘Why’ is her Team.

Kristi’s knows how important it is to have a motivating ‘Why.’ After a conversation with her personal Triathlon coach, she realized the strength of setting her sights beyond herself. He told her, good coaches hope their students are more successful than themselves.

“When he said that, it clicked for me. I want my entire Team to be bigger than me,” says Kristi. “I want them to live up to their potential and achieve the dreams they never thought possible.”

Kristi has more than 700 members on her Team and is shooting for 1,000 by the end of June. And of course she has her own Big Dream – to be in the Elite 10… she’s currently number 12 as of May 5th.

To reach those goals you need a solid strategy and Kristi’s is two-pronged. It comes down to asking the right questions and creating the right culture.

Be the solution

When looking for potential customers or coaches to grow her business Kristi never sells. She asks questions.

“I try to figure out where there is a need and then I introduce the opportunity or Challenge Group,” explains Kristi.  “Until I find that need, and understand it, I don’t have an ‘in’.” Sometimes it takes multiple conversations before Kristi connects a customer with the right opportunity.

Create a Coach Culture

The second part of her business strategy is developing a Coach culture. Beyond Challenge Groups, Kristi creates book clubs, Personal Development calls and Coach training groups. She also hosts a Team page where she posts updates and useful business tidbits.

“I want to create a culture that helps my Coaches keep a positive perspective on what they’re doing for others,” says Kristi. “It comes down to attitude and helping my Coaches understand that whatever attitude they put off is what they attract.”

To keep that positivity flowing she holds Google hangout sessions and weekly one-on-one calls with her personally sponsored Coaches. During these calls Kristi listens to their concerns and helps them set specific goals – a strategy that helps her daily.

Kristi finds that writing down her goals for the day, early in the morning, keeps her on-track and motivated. And ultimately, she knows these strategies and examples will help achieve greater goal – her Team. She’s currently hoping to see three to five of her Coaches achieve Elite.

If Kristi has things her way, there will be a few more fired bosses by the end of the year. 

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Make your ‘Why’ bigger than yourself – there’s no better motivation.
  • Create a positive Team culture. You can never have too much pep.
  • Instill the basics with new Coaches: Personal Development, business management and fitness are key.
  • Make your Team more successful than yourself – that’s victory.
  • Write out your goals. It helps with consistency and will guarantee you rock it.
  • Find out where there is a need and start filling it.
  • Ask a lot of question. Remember there’s no such thing as a stupid one.