Leading by Example

Leading by Example: AMY SILVERMAN - 2014 Elite 10 and 9 Star Diamond Coach

Ready to go to the next level as a leader? We’ve got invaluable tips and techniques from 2014 Elite 10 Coach and leadership maven, Amy Silverman. Amy’s advice will help force you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to foster future leaders within your organization. It’s must-read material for anyone who wants to ramp up their leadership skills!

Q. Our most successful Coaches practice self-Leadership. What does that look like for you?
It requires being my own boss and holding myself to high standards. It also means being teachable, staying hungry for growth, and never getting complacent. I think as soon as you’re ready to be honest with yourself, you can grow into the leader and person you need to be in order to be successful.

Q. What are the most daunting challenges you’ve faced as a Leader?
I struggled with communication skills, creating systems, and what I needed to do on a weekly basis to help my Coaches be successful. I overcame that by reading books, going to seminars, studying other leaders and practicing with new Coaches. With time and patience, I’ve figured out how to start Coaches right and get in my groove as a leader. I want to lead in a way where I’m not being controlling or micromanaging.

Q. What has been your greatest reward as a Leader?
Paying it forward! Seeing my team come into their own as leaders and grow their own teams has been amazing. They now realize how much work it takes and how much time, energy and love I’ve put into the team! It’s nice to help other leaders in my organization to overcome some of the same obstacles I faced as a new Coach.

Q. What has been your biggest failure as a Leader?
I don’t believe in failing. I feel like everything is an experience, and it’s only a failure if you don’t learn from it. I’m constantly soaking up all that I learn in life and feel everything happens for a reason. The hardest part is when people blame you for their lack of success or quit. You have to respect that they’re just not ready to make this happen; it’s no reflection on you, your team or your leadership skills.

Q. We’re one month into 2015. As a leader, how do you plan to leverage this year?
I’m excited for the challenges that 2015 will bring. I plan to do what I did last year, only work harder and smarter. I’m setting my year up for success now by laying the foundation and leveraging the momentum. I want to achieve millionaire status this year and will push for it to happen by helping a lot more people. It’s go time!

Q. What skill sets have given you the biggest return?
First, I started blogging. I created a communication platform that allowed me to brand myself and attract like-minded people. Second, I believe my brand blossomed this year as a result of my travels. Third, I taught PiYo® and hosted the first-ever Yoga/PiYo retreat. That was huge for me! Lastly, Beachbody gave me the skills and tools to have confidence, step out of my comfort zone, and make my dreams become reality!

Q. How do you go about developing Leaders?
First and foremost, I lead by example. I need to set the bar and show my Coaches what’s possible. Speed of the leader, speed of the pack. If I’m not kicking butt, why would they feel they need to kick butt? They keep me motivated to push harder and set bigger goals. Also, I create systems for them to duplicate for their own teams.

Q. How have you raised your own bar and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?
Every year I raise the bar with all 3 Vital Behaviors. The number of invites, Coaches I recruit, Success Club points, fitness, nutrition—even personal development. This way, I will continually move up, hit and surpass goals, and inspire others. Someone has to show them what’s possible! Why not me?

Q. Why would a new Coach choose to follow you?
I often think about my first year as a Coach so I remember what it’s like and can stay in that new Coach mindset. I gear my posts, videos and training towards new Coaches every day. I have no problem telling them how it is, and won’t sugar-coat anything just to be popular. If you want to learn from me, I’ll teach you. But if you think you know better, then by all means, do it. All I know is success leaves clues.