Leveraging the Power of Teamwork

Leveraging the Power of Teamwork - BRITTANY POWERS, 7 Star Diamond Coach

How can you get everyone excited for another Team Beachbody® Cup? Heed the wise words of former Fall Classic champion and 7 Star Diamond Coach, Brittany Powers. Brittany knows a thing or two about teamwork. Learn from her best practices and how to lead the charge before, during—and after the Cup!

With Team Cup kicking off this month, how do you ensure your Team starts strong?
The first thing I do is ensure we all have the same goal: help as many people as possible. I also love to know very specific goals for each participant in regards to Success Club, recruiting, and income. Once I’m aware of their goals, I can then help the Coach break down their goals into daily and weekly tasks.  

Q. What types of things do you do to ensure your Team comes out of the gate fast?
First, I make absolutely sure we set dates for Challenge Groups; that’s the key to success. I run groups on various start dates through out the month, so people can get started at any time. Second, I make certain I delegate tasks based on each Coach’s interests and strong suit. Finally, I see to it that my Teammates have a ‘safe’ zone, a common ground to share their struggles and goals. This makes them more likely to get involved.

Q. What tactics do you leverage to ensure momentum remains through Cup month?
I constantly recognize my Teammates for awesome posts and productive days. For example, I love to send voice memos in our Team Cup Facebook chat threads. I also check in with my participants often, asking them to share what they’re struggling with and offering my help around the clock.

Q. How do you give value to your Team that motivates them to get results quickly?
I always let my Team know I’m there for them. If they need specific answers to questions, I always try and guide them. Plus, it’s important to be open with our thoughts and feelings so that we can brainstorm ideas to keep things fun. When things are fun, it’s much more motivating!

Q.What accountability/recognition do you infuse into your Team to fan their flames?
I recognize my Teammates on a daily basis for doing the 3 Vital Behaviors. For instance, I go through my Facebook newsfeed and highlight Coaches and take a screen shot of an excellent post. In terms of accountability, I like to keep Coaches grouped together by a common goal. So during Team Cup, it’s a matter of checking in with a daily accountability thread.

Q. What’s your plan of attack coming out of the Cup with new recruits and customers?
After Team Cup month is over, I follow up with new customers to make sure they’re getting the results they wanted. At that point, I like to invite them to continue their journey with me as their Coach and new business mentor. The best Coaches come from Challenge Groups!