Maintain Your Momentum

Maintain Your Momentum

There's no denying the contagious enthusiasm following this year's historic Coach Summit. Time to sit back and rest on your laurels? Not a chance.

So what's next? Focus on the theme of Super Saturday: reaching your highest potential. Remember, what you do the second half of 2015 will set you up for success in 2016. Channel these Coaches and crush the second half of the year!

Talk a little bit about your Super Saturday events…

"Our April Super Saturday was a huge catalyst for momentum. We had Autumn Calabrese, a DJ, video screens, banners, you name it. We're capitalizing on our April momentum with appearances by Tony Horton and Carl Daikeler in July." - Julie Voris (15 Star Diamond)
"Super Saturday is the driving force behind my Team's success. When a new Coach or challenger sees the incredible physical and financial Beachbody® transformations their eyes light up. There's no better way to install belief in your Team and your challengers than Super Saturday." - Miguel Carrasco (9 Star Diamond)
"Every time someone on my Team is feeling low, it's the collective energy of Super Saturday that lifts them back up. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing that you're in the trenches with other amazing people with strong vision. Those relationships keep our businesses going."- Andrea Crowder (9 Star Diamond)

How will you use the Team Beachbody Cup to build momentum for the rest of the year?

"Team Cup helps new Coaches focus on the 3 Vital Behaviors and build habits that create a strong foundation. It's also an incredible opportunity for veteran and newer Coaches to work together. It's a proven recipe for success." - Julie Voris (15 Star Diamond)
"It gives Coaches something to rally around and shoot for. During Cup month, I provide the best training I possibly can. We have two Team calls a week and drive home the importance of sharing our journey and not selling." - Miguel Carrasco (9 Star Diamond)
"Team Cup helps our Team achieve goals we never thought possible. We work hard to recognize consistent, successful behaviors so that we can use that momentum to push through to the end of the year." - Andrea Crowder (9 Star Diamond)

How can Coaches use Wear and Share to start conversations and build a community?

"Every time I wear a Beachbody jacket, at least one person asks questions or comments. That makes it easy to have a casual conversation about health and fitness without feeling salesy. Every conversation helps build a community." - Julie Voris (15 Star Diamond)
"I'm a hat girl so I love to wear cool hats with Beachbody logos. I usually end up in a conversation with a new friend. Then I ask if they'd like to stay connected through social media and add them to Facebook or Instagram on the spot." - Andrea Crowder (9 Star Diamond)

Any other ways you will build momentum for the second half of the year?

"We will engage in cross-Team trainings that capitalize on our individual strengths while utilizing the momentum of a group. We'll also do more leadership trainings and run team-wide Challenges Groups, including one for CIZE!" - Julie Voris (15 Star Diamond)
"I focus on the second half of the year because I find that relationships you foster today will bloom in three to six months. We will come up with fun Team Challenges with new training content to give a strong boost of energy to the Team." - Andrea Crowder (9 Star Diamond)

Looking for more ways to inspire your Team? Head over to the training tab for great material highlighting how to stay motivated and keep the momentum going post Summit and Super Saturday.