Making Events a Top Priority

Making Events a Top Priority: Kristi Kronser

If you want to take a quantum leap in your business, then it’s time to get serious and become an evangelist for events. How can you drive home the importance of attending events like Coach Summit to your entire Team? Learn the blueprint from Superstar Diamond Coach and expert on how to promote Team Beachbody events, Kristi Kronser. Read Kristi’s awesome advice and heartfelt words—and inspire all your Coaches to feel the love for events!

Q. Why is it important to attend Summit?
A. It’s all about the sense of community, the learning, and the energy. There’s just something about being there in person and seeing the vision of Team Beachbody. My first Summit, I almost went home I was so scared. I’m glad I stayed because listening to the stories of other Coaches proved introverts like me could be successful. The one thing everyone had in common is that they all had struggles. They kept being vulnerable and moving forward—no matter what roadblock was thrown their way.

Q. Why is it important to attend Summit?
Tell us about a game-changing moment you had at an event

A. At that first Summit, an Elite Coach speaker said something that resonated with me: ‘Why not you?’ After hearing how she overcame her struggles, I told myself I was going to earn Elite. At the time, I only had 37 Elite points—but I hit Elite that year! The power of Summit was powerful because it erased all my doubts and limiting beliefs. It helped break down walls that were keeping me from moving forward faster and reaching bigger and loftier goals in my business.

Q. What’s the most effective way to help your Team make events a priority?
A. It starts with sharing the story of what Summit has done for you. Have other Coaches on your Team do the same. For example, I have a different Coach share a story of ‘Why Summit’ every week on our Facebook Team page. They share how Summit has impacted their lives, their businesses, their confidence, their growth—whatever that game-changing moment was for them. We all have different stories, setbacks, and struggles. It’s only when we come together and share them that we can truly inspire our Team to make events a top priority.

Q. How do you ensure you and your Team qualify for Summit events and recognition?
A. First, I get organized by making a list of all the Coaches in my Coach Online Office. Next, I privately reach out to 10 Coaches every single day through email and Facebook and ask if they’re attending Summit. As leaders, it’s our job to consistently invite our Team to events and this kind of direct communication always works best. Lastly, we post live videos and share stories on our Team page so that people know ‘Why Summit’.

Q. How does it impact your business when your Coaches participate in events?
A. When my Coaches attend events, they leave with so much more enthusiasm for why they do what they do. For example, I had six Coaches who left the New Leader Conference and came back with more purpose, excitement and energy. They’ve elevated their goals, their game, their lives, and their businesses. And that level of explosive growth is contagious for the entire Team.

It’s easy to lose your passion along the way and simply go through the motions. Events help reignite our fire and bring us back to the core of our vision and our ‘Why’. They also help us connect in a way that social media can’t. So when we get together with other Coaches and feel the positive energy, that in turn, helps us get out there and connect with others. And that’s what this business is truly about; connecting with other people.