March Hotlist


March Success Club Incentives

Team Beachbody Cup

  • Starting March 1st we’re kicking off an epic four-week battle to see which team of five rock star Coaches will earn their place in Team Beachbody history. All participants have a chance to win exclusive prizes, but only one team will have their names engraved on the prestigious Team Beachbody Cup. Read below to see how you can use P90X Challenge Packs, Ultimate Reset and Shakeology Opportunity Month to rack up TBB Cup points all month long.

Product & Training Spotlight

Exclusive Beachbody Ultimate Reset® Savings

  • For the Month of March – Team Beachbody is offering Customers and Coaches a discount on the Ultimate Reset Complete Kit, Ultimate Reset Dual Kit, Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack and Ultimate Reset Refill Kit. The discount varies per kit, but you and you customers can save up to $50.00.
  • Read the details here

P90X® & P90X2® Challenge Pack Savings

  • Get excited! For the month of March, P90X and P90X2 Challenge Packs will be reduced from $205 dollars to $180 dollars. That’s over $80 of savings if you or your customer were to buy these programs and products separately! This is an amazing opportunity to overcome price objections and sell one of our most popular programs!
  • Read the full details here

Shakeology® Opportunity Month

  • In the month of March, you and your customers can lock in the original price ($119.95) of Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology HD FOR LIFE! As long as you never cancel the HD subscription, the price will NEVER go up.  Take advantage of this opportunity to boost Shakeology HD sales and use that to boost Team Beachbody Cup and Success Club points.
  • Read all the info here

Dates to Remember

Friday, March 1st

  • Team Beachbody Cup begins! Follow the action
  • Ultimate Reset savings promotion begins.
  • P90X & P90X2 Challenge Pack promotion begins.
  • Be sure to read the NEW Coach Monthly here on the site!
  • March is Shakeology Opportunity Month! Learn more

Monday, March 4th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 PM ET
  • Increased TBB shipping & handling becomes effective.

Monday, March 11th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 PM ET

Saturday, March 16th

  • Canadian Premiere Tour with SHAUN T in Toronto, Canada | Get registered

Monday, March 18th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 PM ET

Monday, March 19th – March 24th

  • 2013 Success Club Trip to Walt Disney World.

Monday, March 25th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 PM ET

Sunday, March 31st

  • Last day to achieve Success Club in March.
  • Last day to lock in Chocolate & Greenberry Shakeology HD pricing FOR LIFE!
  • Last day to save on Beachbody Ultimate Reset® kits.
  • Last day to save on P90X & P90X2 Challenge Packs.