New Coach Playbook

New Coach Playbook

It's a well-known fact; your first 30 days as a Coach can be clouded with questions and uncertainty. What are the right activities to engage in? Where do you go for guidance and support?

Rest assured; we've got the answers to help get you up to speed. The key is to just get started. If you're waiting for the perfect time, that time is now!

Let's examine some highly-effective ways to launch your business like a pro.

1 Connect with Your Upline Coach

Your best first move? Get in touch with your Sponsor or Upline Diamond Coach. They're your guide, your lifeline, and your support system. After all, they've been in the trenches and are uniquely suited to answer any questions that arise. But most importantly, your Upline Coach will give you the right mindset and make sure you treat this like a business. And to help you become further immersed in our Coach kingdom, check out (where you are now), 'like' our Team Beachbody Coach 411 Facebook page, and review the training section in your Coach Office.

2 Soak up the Business Quick Start

If you want to establish a rock-solid foundation for your business, the Business Quick Start is your best bet. It will help you set goals, create an action plan, and introduce you to the 3 Vital Behaviors. Coaches who get started right by consistently practicing the 3 Vital Behaviors, hit their goals faster than those who don't. Talk to your Sponsor about all the benefits of this amazing tool.

3 Drink Shakeology EVERY day

One of the fastest routes to success? Become a product of the product. This means drinking Shakeology® daily and working out. Coaches who share their personal journey attract more people who need their help. It's true; people will naturally want to know what you're doing to look so good. So develop your story—and start sharing it with everyone you meet!

4 Put a premium on Personal Development

Ready for a giant confidence builder? Invest in yourself with Personal Development. Whether it's CDs or books, 10 minutes every day is all it takes. One of the first books we recommend is 'The Compound Effect' by Darren Hardy. It's an eye-opening book that emphasizes the importance of creating positive habits to change your life. So get locked in to Personal Development today! And don't forget to visit the Success On Demand tab in the Coach Online Office.

5 Tap in to social media

Last, but certainly not least, make it a point to engage in social media. You'll find tons of new people who need what you have to offer. What's the plan of attack? Learn the right way by watching the Summit Workshop Video: Social Media: Pitch to Your Niche. Start posting, joining groups and building new relationships. It's one of the best and quickest ways to get your business off the ground.

Want another tip to accelerate your success? Talk to your Sponsor about joining a Coach Basics Group. This 60-day, training program has been instrumental in helping new Coaches get started right.

So put all these proven tips into action—and maximize your chances of success!