One CIZE™ Fits All

CIZE Up Your Business

What's the best way to step up your business? Talk about Shaun T's incredible, new dance program—CIZE. It's a fact; CIZE is bringing Coaches exceptional opportunities by offering customers a thrilling and fun alternative to traditional exercise.

How can you show how CIZE is different from all other workout programs? What's the best way to talk about it on social media? Get moving and read this.

How has CIZE affected your business?

"People always want a fun way to exercise and CIZE delivers just that."

― Brittany Powers, 7 Star Diamond Coach

"CIZE has allowed my Team to reach so many new people and took me from number 81 to number 40 in Elite rankings."

― Danielle Natoni, 9 Star Diamond Coach

"I'm able to reach a whole new group of clients. Not everyone loves to exercise, but who doesn't love to dance?"

― Jess Dukes, 2 Star Diamond Coach

How do you pitch CIZE to a potential customer or prospect?

"I tell them that they're going to be sweating within the first five minutes and get a crazy-good calorie burn."

― Brittany Powers

"I explain that you can't really call it exercise—except for the fact you're dripping sweat and sore the next day."

― Ashlie Molstad, 6 Star Diamond Coach

"I let people know that CIZE is about so much more than just dancing—it's about feeling free!"

― Laura Dalpini, Diamond Coach

"I explain that with CIZE you don't notice the time go by because you're having so much fun learning the moves."

― Melissa Pothier, Diamond Coach

"I send them the video of Shaun T and the workouts. They are hooked after that!"

― Brooke Dorsett, 5 Star Diamond Coach

When you're talking to potential customers about which program is right for them do you talk about CIZE differently than other workout programs?

"Yes! I recommend CIZE because it takes the fear out of exercising."

― Brittany Powers

"Yes, because it's not just about losing weight; it's about accomplishing something you didn't think you could do!"

― Laura Dalpini

"I pitch fun, fun, fun—working out without realizing it. I want my customers to know that everyone can dance."

― Danielle Natoni

"Absolutely! I don't have to convince people because anyone can do this, no matter their fitness level or size."

― Jess Dukes

"I talk about CIZE with more passion than other programs because it has changed my outlook on workouts."

― Brooke Dorsett

Do you feel like CIZE has brought you new types of clients?

"Yes. It speaks to people who are new to working out, but it works well for seasoned exercisers, too."

― Ashlie Molstad

"It has turned people who didn't like to exercise into regular Beachbody clients."

― Melissa Pothier

"CIZE is a great starter program to get people hooked on the feeling of moving their bodies and burning calories."

― Jess Dukes

What kind of success have you seen from Challenge Groups/Challenge Packs?

"CIZE sells itself! People see my success with the program and crave that change in their own lives."

― Laura Dalpini

"I've sold more Challenge Packs than ever thanks to CIZE."

― Danielle Natoni

"A lot of my Challengers want to do another program with me now to continue their transformation."

― Melissa Pothier

"My groups are posting about how they're actually looking forward to their workouts."

― Jess Dukes

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