Pushing Through the Challenges

Pushing Through the Challenges - MIGUEL CARRASCO, 9 Star Diamond Coach

How do you inspire others down the path to greatness? You learn from someone like Canada’s three-time Top Beachbody Coach, Miguel Carrasco. The man is a natural born leader and an expert at overcoming adversity. What tactics does he use to help his Team step out of their comfort zones? How does he empower others to reach their personal best? You’ll be a better leader by the time you’re done reading!

Q. As a pioneer in the Canadian market, how did you push through the challenges?
My parents raised me to believe challenges are simply opportunities wrapped in hard work. When things are challenging, not many people actually roll up their sleeves and work hard. When Canada launched, I knew there would be many opportunities but I would have to push through the challenge. I had a clear vision to help Canadians drop the weight, shed the inches and have more energy to play with their kids. One of the great opportunities was to help lead out in this area. The point is that having a clear personal vision can really help you push through the challenges.

Q. How do you leverage recognition to push your Coaches?
Recognition is one of the most important behaviors of a leader because you are empowering other leaders to believe in themselves, grow, and prosper. I do this by publishing weekly leaderboards recognizing top life changers (top sales for the week), as well as monthly Success Club recognition. Success Club is the big push on our Team because it shows everyone what’s possible when a Coach focuses all their energy on helping others to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Recognition rewards and reinforces the right behaviour and creates a strong sense of community.

Q. Growth begins outside your comfort zone. How do you get people out of their zone?
I love to constantly evaluate my Coaches and leaders to see what they are comfortable doing. Then, I put them in an uncomfortable situation so they can learn, adapt, and grow. I met with a top Coach who is shy on video, so I asked her if she was ready to go LIVE with our Team on Facebook. She was uncomfortable at first, but once we completed the meeting, she said, “That wasn’t bad; I’m going to do it again!”

Q. Great leaders seek growth. How do you continuously stay uncomfortable?
It’s a balance between spending 80% of your time executing the things you’ve mastered, and spending 20% trying new things. For example, if you’ve mastered Facebook, spend 20% of your time learning Periscope or Instagram. If you’ve mastered growing your Team with Fit Clubs, spend 20% of your time learning social media. Make it a point to spend seven days a month being ‘uncomfortable’. Fast forward one year and you will be a completely different person with new unique talents and skills.

Q. How do you create a sense of commitment with your Team?
The law of reciprocity says that when you help someone over and above what they would expect, they will naturally want to put in maximum effort to pay it forward. For example, if you create the best Team calls possible, put on the biggest and best events possible and provide the best training. Your Coaches will feel a strong sense of commitment to you and your Team.

Q. What are the “non-negotiables” in your business practices?
Inviting is a core non-negotiable for me. I ensure I’ve shared my story, a workout, nutrition advice, or mindset guidance to at least one new person every day. It may seem small, but this one simple thing ensures I talk to a minimum of 300-400 new people a year. And because you can’t invite without a great transformation story or journey, I find that it forces you to take action on the other Vital Behaviors in the business as well.

Q. How do you leverage upcoming events to raise the performance bar on your Team?
We are big on creating positive habits with our Team versus simply teaching. For instance, we create a group for anyone who’s setting a goal to achieve a new rank by the event—especially Super Saturday. Coaches start asking each other in side conversations “What rank will you be when I see you in a few weeks?” Everything we do on our Team is centered on events. Not only do they train and inspire our Coaches, they also give them something to push and strive for.

Q. How do you consistently pave the way for future business success?
I love Beachbody. I love helping people and always have. If I continue to focus on helping people find themselves and who they were created to be, business success will just come naturally. I will always do what I do, because I feel it’s the best way for me to contribute to society.