Putting Coach Basics into Action


Founding Coach, Doug Fitzgerald, has trained his fair share of Coaches over the years. So when this natural born leader and 2011 CEO Award winner says the new Coach Basics Program is an absolute must to train your new and existing Coaches, it’s a good idea to listen closely. Hear how Doug incorporates this great new program into his own training system—and why it’s helped him grow as a leader, too.

Q: How would you explain the Coach Basics Program, Doug?
A: This is a proven, extremely effective, professional training system for new Coaches—without overwhelming them. It’s also a great igniter and not only is the program easy to implement, it also frees up time to focus on achieving your goals. One of the best parts is that it helps develop friendships and working relationships to walk through Coaching and life together.   

Q:  What’s the most important thing for Diamond Coaches to know about the program?
A:  All Leaders, new and experienced, need to check out Coach Basics because it’s a vital system that they can use to train their Coaches. Plus, it’s easily duplicable, proven to produce growth and results, and also saves time by concentrating on group training, rather than randomly training Coaches one-on-one.

Q: What will new Coaches learn?
A:  In a nutshell, the Coach Basics Program will teach your new Coaches how to:

  • Establish their ‘Why’ and business goals
  • Understand and implement the 3 Vital Behaviors
  • Use the Business Activity Tracker
  • Learn about and achieve rank advancement, commissions, and Success Club
  • Set up their first Challenge Group   

Q: How has the program helped you grow as a leader?
A: First, it’s a huge time saver. Maintaining my current training system cut into the time I needed to be spending with my Team. Secondly, I’ve been able to take the core of the program and customize it to my current training system.

Q: How has your Team embraced the Coach Basics program?
A: They absolutely love it—especially the power that the Google Hangouts bring to the group. These are face-to-face video conference chats where we meet once-a-week to discuss activities, hold each other accountable, share ideas, celebrate successes and build friendships. So far, I have run 3 Coach Basics Groups, and in each group, 3 to 4 Coaches have taken the system and implemented it within their own groups. That’s duplication at its best!

Q: How has the Coach Basics program impacted your business?
A: Let me give you some three-week results from our latest Coach Basics Group: Out of 10 active Coaches in the group, we had 24 Success Club Points, 5 New Coach Sign-ups, 7 new Challenge Groups, and one Coach Advancement to Emerald. All 10 Coaches plan on using Coach Basics with their own Teams. (Four have already started!) Most importantly, we have all developed deeper relationships as Coaches and friends.

Q: Do you feel more confident sponsoring new Coaches now?
A: Without a doubt! It has become an incredible addition to my training system and I know it will for other Coaches, too. If you are a newer leader, I encourage you to use Coach Basics and then re-evaluate it as your business grows. And if you already have a training system in place, I encourage you to at least check it out and see how it can work for you.