Putting Goals into Action

Putting Goals into Action - Julie Voris, 15 Star Diamond Coach

It’s time for a little goal-tackling 101, leaders! We’ve got invaluable tips and techniques from none other than Super Star 15 Star Diamond Coach, Julie Voris. Her advice will help you and your Team develop a goal-smashing mindset and set clear, attainable goals from now until Summit. Read on if you’re ready to rock like never before.

Q. What propelled you from 9 Star Diamond to 15 Star Diamond?
A. First, I had to make a real commitment. I got very serious about doing whatever it would take and then I put a plan in place. Some key elements: I communicated with my Team more frequently and on a much more personal level. Second, I shifted my focus towards the Coaches who were showing energy. Third, I tweaked best practices to fit my personality style. For example, I did group webinars instead of one-on-one Getting Started Right calls. Finally, I ran more Team-wide Challenge Groups, sneak peeks, and training groups. The more we worked together, the more success we all experienced!  

Q. What goals did you set for yourself to get to where you are today?
A. My goal was to be a 15 Star by Summit. To reach that goal, I knew I needed to be a better leader. So I found an amazing mentor and gave him permission to ask hard questions. I had to be humble and coachable. I also implemented the advice I had been hearing for years, but had been fighting against. A person can run Challenge Groups all day long, but until the internal work starts, your business will not grow.

Q. What are some attainable goals to reach by Summit?
A. If a Coach consistently commits to the 3 Vital Behaviors and to best Coaching practices, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. Can someone rank advance in two months? Absolutely. Could a new Coach set a strong foundation for their business? Absolutely. But it all depends on how willing that leader is to change and to becoming ‘Coachable’ and of course, then act.

Q. What were some roadblocks you encountered while trying to reach your goals?
A. My challenges often came from my ‘Type A’ personality. It’s easier to do it myself than to delegate. But that style didn’t teach, empower and inspire my Team. I had to get vulnerable, become more confident myself as a business owner, and learn to just trust the process. It’s scary, but it’s the only way we truly grow.

Q. What mindset do you adopt to reach your goals?
A. I go all in and believe in my Team’s abilities with my entire heart. Something that pushed me to believe in myself was doing INSANITY MAX:30™. I really embraced the program and more importantly, the mindset that goes along with it. But on top of all that, I do the work. Walt Disney said people often asked him for the secret to his success. His answer? Hard work!

Q. What’s one thing a Coach leader can do every day to reach their goals?
A. Trust yourself. On top of that, allow your faith to guide you and stay true to your integrity and character. Also, commit to being a continual work in progress. That’s way more than one thing, but it’s all so important!

Q. Do you have any recommended Personal Development reads?
A. Some books that have helped me do the internal work necessary to become a better leader are Start by Jon Acuff, Do Over by Jon Acuff, Good Leaders ask Great Questions by John Maxwell, and Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell. These books inspire, guide, provide perspective and allow me to see the big picture.