Road Rules


Coach Summit is fast approaching and there’s never been a better time to put into practice our tips and techniques for Coaching remotely. Whether you’re taking a big family trip or just heading out of town for a long weekend, you can still enjoy your vacation and keep your business on track, with these simple tricks of the trade.

Plan Ahead

Going out of town? You can take a vacation, without bringing your business to a complete standstill. With software like TweetDeck®, HootSuite®, or Vitrue®, you can schedule your social media posts to keep your content current. Also make sure you handle important calls and emails in advance, and let people know how long you’ll be away. Communication is key. If you’re going to “check in” while away, create a schedule—and stick to it!

  • COACH TIP: You never want people to think your business is on hold. It slows down momentum. Don’t give your Team the impression it’s OK to completely disconnect and not plan ahead—it will definitely end up hurting them (and you) in the long run.

Empower Your Team

Even if it’s short notice, always let your Team know when you’re leaving town and returning. It’s the perfect opportunity to call on your best Team member and empower him (or her) to step up while you’re away. Put them in charge of answering questions for other Team members, Challengers, and customers (just be sure to share their contact info). It’s a great way to develop new leaders in the pack.

Check in With Your Challengers

Just like your Team, let your Challenge Groups know when you’re leaving and returning as well. Again, communication is key to keep your business flowing. So call on your most active and engaged Challengers (you’ll know who they are)—and empower them to provide leadership, motivation, and support to the Group while you’re gone. You’ll not only boost their confidence, but you may also discover a potential new Coach in the mix!

Send Postcards & Stay Connected

Who doesn’t love getting a postcard? Seriously. Are you headed to Las Vegas for Coach Summit 2013? Send postcards to your Team back home and encourage them to make a commitment to be at Summit in 2014. It’s not only thoughtful; it’s motivating as well. This goes for all Team Beachbody® trips! Just make sure to pack preprinted mailing labels before you go, so it’s easy to send postcards on the fly. Don’t have any stamps – try sending an e-postcard instead; there are numerous free e-postcard sites online to choose from.

Above all, stay connected. Have you been saving up for a big international vacation? Post photos on Instagram and Facebook and let your Team see what you have earned through all of your hard work as a Coach. Remind everyone of your goals and dreams and show them how Team Beachbody is helping you achieve them. This will not only motivate your Team, but it may entice some new prospects as well.

Happy travels!