Shakeology Really Works!


We all know Shakeology transforms people’s health. But now you finally have that one missing ingredient: proof! The results of a comprehensive, new survey are in, and you’ll be blown away by the amazing results. Shakeology customers lose weight, have reduced cravings* and report they have better digestion** Read why powerful customer survey results can help you place more Shakeology orders than ever before!

Nearly 2,800 Shakeology lovers have spoken. Loud and clear.

What’s the scoop, you ask? We conducted a detailed online survey of daily Shakeology®drinkers and asked them for some straight-up feedback. The new data proved what we’ve known all along: Shakeology works. In a big way.

Now, for the first time ever, we present the proof. The results.

Strength in numbers
Apparently, it’s called the Healthiest meal of the day® for a reason. Here are some of the numbers to prove it:*

  • 93% feel healthier since drinking Shakeology
  • 72% say that Shakeology has helped them lose weight
  • 86% feel Shakeology has helped them increase their energy
  • 81% feel Shakeology has helped them reduce their cravings for junk food
  • 81% say Shakeology helps keeps them full until the next meal
  • 82% reported improved digestion**

And there’s more good news where that came from. A lot more.

The new survey also showed that most users experience improved regularity and digestion, feel more alert and focused throughout the day, have less mood swings—even have healthier looking skin, hair, and nails. The benefits go on and on and on. This handy new PDF has the complete list of all 15 stats.

If you aren’t drinking Shakeology every single day, now you have 15 reasons why you should.

In addition to being formulated with the most powerful nutrients on Earth, delicious flavors, and creamy texture, this compelling customer survey now gives Shakeology yet another major coup to add to its illustrious resume.

In other words, this is one shake with some serious street cred.

Superfood for thought
Just think about what all this means when you talk to new Coaches and customers. Just about everything. These new numbers now give you instant credibility so you can talk about Shakeology with supreme confidence.

The survey is, dare we say, a game changer.

Armed with real customer facts, you’ll be able to confidently back up all the prideful boasts you make about Shakeology. And, when it comes to handling objections? Let’s just say you’ll be as smooth as the shake itself.

Do Shakeology users lose weight? Check. Does Shakeology help with digestion? Check. Can it really help you focus more at work? Oh yeah, now you’ve got that one covered, too!  Real Shakeology customers have spoken.

So here’s all this new, powerful information at your fingertips. What’s your next step?

Shake N’ Share
It’s time to spread the news about this groundbreaking survey. Have no fear; we’ve created a variety of hard-hitting tools to help you explain all the numerous benefits of Shakeology and blast the word out to your current and prospective customers and Coaches. And remember, customers who don’t drink Shakeology every day, cancel their home direct orders at a much higher rate. So use these 15 facts to get everyone sipping Shakeology daily:

One-sheet PDF

eCard (Note: Requires login to COO)

Shareable Shakeology postcards

Put them into action and share them. Today.

And don’t forget to continue drinking Shakeology every day to become a true product of the product. After all, there’s nothing like a firsthand testimonial to add to the mix.

When it comes to your Shakeology sales, you just became unstoppable.

* Based on a survey of 2769 Shakeology users who drank Shakeology 5 or more times per week and exercised 3 times per week.
**Based on a survey of 874 Shakeology users with digestion concerns who drank Shakeology 5 or more times per week and exercised 3 times  per week.