How I Became a Shakeology Top-Seller


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Success is NEVER accidental. It’s the result of hard work and dedication, having the drive to be the best you can be, then paying it all forward. Nobody knows this better than 2 Star Diamond Coach Amy Silverman.

Over the course of the past 2 years, she’s gone from out-of-shape and underpaid to fit, free from her 9 to 5 job, and #17 in Shakeology Home Direct sales. Not to mention, Amy’s a Success Club 10 All-Star, 2012 Elite Coach, and has helped connect thousands of people with Shakeology (and a Challenge Group).

How’s she doing it? We were lucky enough to get the lowdown from Amy herself! Read on to find out why she became a Coach, what she considers to be her Shakeology “secret”, and how she introduces Shakeology to her customers and Coaches—and way more. Enjoy! 

Q: Where do you call home and what’s your current Coach rank?

A: Portland, Oregon! I’m a 2 Star Diamond/2012 Elite Coach—but currently in qualification for 3 Star Diamond.

Q: When and why did you decide to become a Coach? 

A: I enrolled as a Coach in January 2011—but didn’t REALLY start working the business seriously until about March or April of that year. So, my two-year “coachiversary” is coming up!

I originally bought P90X from my Coach with the goal of losing 15 pounds. I was a size 12/13 at the time and had yo-yoed my whole life. Since I can remember, I’ve been uncomfortable in my skin. I thought, “going down to an 8 would be great (a 6, even better!)”, but I didn’t want to shoot too high and then fail. After completing 90 days of P90X (followed by 60 days of INSANITY) and incorporating Shakeology, I had gone from a voluptuous girl to a thin/fit size 2/4—and couldn’t believe my eyes!


Up to that point, I’d been voluptuous my whole life, and always thought I was doomed by genetics! I truly believe Shakeology is what made the difference. It was the catalyst that allowed my body to really change. I was seeing muscles that I never knew existed on my body. I wanted everyone to join me in feeling this good! I was very skeptical when I first started, so naturally after getting such life-changing results, I knew I had to start coaching. I knew I needed to pay if forward and stay plugged in. I never wanted to go back to the old Amy.

Q: What was your first “aha” moment as a Coach?

A: I joined the Success Club Team Challenge (now the Team Beachbody Cup) and I placed #12 on the individual leaderboard—even though I’d only been a Coach for a few months at the time. The Challenge showed me I could be so much more than a Coach. I could be a really GOOD Coach and do well in this business. I set a goal to quit my job in one year, and guess what? I was saying “bye-bye” to the job 11 months later, just two weeks before the 2012 Success Club trip to Atlantis! My life had completely changed that year. And little did I know, that was just the beginning!

Q: You’re currently #17 on the Shakeology HD leader boards. How did you get there? What’s your secret sauce?

A: This might sound weird, but my first rule about Shakeology is: I don’t talk about Shakeology. Okay, obviously I talk about Shakeology—but only in passing or when discussing my food accountability. I never blatantly PLUG Shakeology. People have to ask me about it for me to really talk about it.

I work my business mostly from social media without ever saying I’m a Coach, and people still come to me for coaching help and nutrition advice. It’s not that I advertise myself, people are just attracted to vital behavior #2: being a product of the product. I never wanted to feel like I was a “sales” person, so I never really push the products or opportunity. I just share my tips and try to motivate others by being a good example.

I am constantly on my journey and I love sharing it with the world. It’s very hard for me to type “Shakeology” into a post or have a banner that shows what I do. I like to leave some mystery to my madness—and help people when they need my help.  I don’t want everyone to know EVERYTHING about me right off the bat! Let’s get to know each other a bit.  Shakeology is literally my secret weapon.

Q: How do you typically introduce Shakeology to a prospect? Do you have a go-to sales tool?

A: I use the invitation process that’s in the 7-Day Quick Start guide. I’ve used it religiously since it first came out. Shakeology is awesome, but honestly, I think the support of the Challenge Group is most important for success. So, I try to plug them into that and THEN make Shakeology a requirement. If someone really just wants Shakeology, I usually ask WHY? I like to ask a lot of questions and make them tell me WHY they want it. Not the other way around.  So naturally, they have all the tools they need to be successful and are doing exactly what I did to get my results. It works!

Q: What’s your 2-minute ‘elevator pitch’? (ie. How would you summarize all that Shakeology goodness in 2 minutes or less?)

A: I like to use the word “Superfood shake” and talk about all the amazing ingredients. I then talk about how America is in a crisis and people need to supplement bad food with good nutrition. I then ask, “would you like more info?” I get their e-mail address and INVITE them to my Challenge Group. Nothing too crazy! I just know people need this in their lives—so I try to educate them on the facts.

Q: How do you overcome price, value, and/or “it’s just another protein shake” objections?

A: I really try to focus on their “Why” and find out what is motivating them to start the Challenge. I really feel a money objection only comes when you fail to create a proper relationship with someone first or really dig deep into their needs. I like to ask tons of questions before I send them the “Ever Feel Like This” video. I repeat their “Why” many times in the course of our conversation. I really feel like I’m making a new friend and honestly love getting to know people. People can tell when you’re being genuine or just want to make a sale. I was one of those people in the beginning, so I can empathize. I also use the “I don’t know about that, all I know is {insert positive story}” approach. Stories are always the best way to show people the results they can have if they want it. Share lots of stories and pictures!

Q: What are your favorite Shakeology sales tools and why?

A: When I do use a sales tool, I use the “Nutrition Simplified” video—but only to help people see that nutrients and healthy eating is what’s really going to make the biggest difference. I want to help people change their lifestyle, not just lose weight and get ripped. I never refer to Shakeology as a “weight loss” shake, because for me, it’s a necessity. It’s my daily enrichment shake! It makes my body happy. I want people to become Coaches to help me spread the word about Shakeology and help us all end the trend of obesity and processed foods!

Q: Have you seen our new “Shakeology Ingredients: Tony Horton Checks Out Shakeology” video? Will you use it to drive sales? 

A: Yes, I’ve seen it! I haven’t used it yet but it’s awesome! It’s a great money objection tool and I plan to use it the next time I get one. It makes total sense and that’s one of the reasons I got [Shakeology] in the first place. I was spending tons of money every week on supplements to help cure my acne and boost weight loss, so I saw the value in it right away. I definitely think it will help. I’m excited to give it a go. Tony did a great job!

Q: How do you train your Personally Sponsored Coaches to position/sell Shakeology?

A: My team is all about Challenge Groups. We use the invitation process and plug into Dani Johnson to learn how to communicate with others effectively. If you don’t have people skills, how are you going to properly help them? I agree with Carl… Even if somebody bought their program from Amazon or had it on their shelf already, get them going with Shakeology and a Challenge Group. We really try to find people’s needs and fill them. We follow the guides—so my Coaches are plugged into scripts and can properly communicate with their Challengers (and not confuse anyone, including themselves). Inviting is the best way to boost Shakeology sales.  Invite as many people a day as you can.

Q: What’s the best Shakeology sales advice you can offer a new Coach?

My advice is to be a product of the product. Be public with your journey and don’t let your ego get in the way of sharing your success (even a small victory) with everyone. Talk about what you’re doing and make it your priority to practice humility. Slow down and listen to people. When they start to notice you’re losing weight, you’re happier, and you have more energy—don’t just talk about yourself. Ask them how THEY are and ask THEM questions that can help them figure out THEIR why. It’s more about listening than talking. But ultimately, don’t forget to invite them along for the ride!

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