Sharing the Shakeology Story


To say Traci Morrow knows a thing or two about the benefits of Shakeology® is an understatement. After all, as a founding Team Beachbody Coach, she’s been around since it was born! This shake-savvy veteran is here to talk approaches and the secrets behind her winning Shakeology sales strategies. Hear how she gets her new customers and Coaches to drink it every day—and how she gets them engaged right from the start.

Q. What approaches do you use to get new customers and Coaches to drink Shakeology?
A. It may sound simple, but I tell people to drink Shakeology® every single day. I set them up to drink it for one meal per day to receive the cumulative effect of all those powerful nutrients. Lastly, I tell them I enjoy drinking Shakeology at either breakfast or lunch and find that usually works very well for them, too.

Q. How do you keep your own taste buds engaged? 
A. Fat-free milk, ice, half a frozen banana, plus a scoop of Shakeology are my go-to ingredients. Now and again, I’ll add some frozen fruits or a splash of orange juice. And if I don’t drink it for even a couple days, I notice a serious lack of energy. I wonder why I’m so tired, but then it hits me: I’ve been on the go so much I’ve forgotten my shake!

Q. What’s your one-minute Shakeology pitch?
A. I tell people that Shakeology is a nutrient-dense shake with 70 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will give them lots of energy and help aid in weight loss. I also say that if they’re a terrible multivitamin taker like me, it’s the tastiest and easiest way to get what they need into their body. The fact that it’s delicious is just an added bonus! I finish by telling them to visit my website if they want more information.

Q. How do you sell the ‘total package’ benefits?
A. First, I put my Coaches into a private Facebook group for accountability. Next, I explain that drinking Shakeology is a comprehensive approach to getting healthy and fit along with the workout program of their choice and a personalized menu plan to take away the guess work. I wrap it up by saying that Shakeology helps you lose weight, but feels like a “cheat meal.”      

Q. What do you say to reinforce the benefits of drinking it daily?
A.  I make it all about results. I tell my customer they need to drink Shakeology every day to experience the benefits for themselves. So they begin drinking it with the mindset that they will look and feel great if they make it a daily habit. So much of continuity is seeing the value right from the start.

Q. How do you justify the cost?
A. I give my kids a shake before or after school. This actually saves money compared to polishing off a $4 bag of chips, pretzels and soda like their friends do. Not only are these greasy snacks bad for their bodies—they’re bad for their complexion, too. And we all know that teenagers don’t want acne! Do my kids sometimes eat junk food that I wish they wouldn’t? Sure they do. But at least I know that with Shakeology, good, healthy building blocks are getting in there as well.

Q. What approaches do you use if a customer says they might cancel their HD order?
A. Most of my customers don’t cancel once they experience how this shake makes them feel. But if they do, I first ask for the reason. If it’s because they lost their job, I won’t tell them how to run their finances. However, if they cancel because they have too much product and don’t want another shipment, I simply suggest they call the number on their receipt and have them hold it for a month.