Challenge Group Guide

Get content you can customise and share with your SHIFT SHOP Challenge Groups.

        Getting Started

  1. Create a Challenge Group in the My Challenge Tracker Coach Portal, and invite your participants to download the My Challenge Tracker App. Alternatively, you can set up a private Facebook® group.
  2. Review the Product Training Guide for everything you need to know about SHIFT SHOP.
  3. Share this message from Chris Downing with your challengers.
  4. Post Week 0 topics to your group's feed.

        Challenge Group Best Practices

  • Use My Challenge Tracker. My Challenge Tracker was designed to help you run your Challenge Groups and get your customers the best results possible. Using the app, your participants can track their workouts, Shakeology, weight, measurements and progress photos, while interacting with one another in a closed forum. Simultaneously, with the Coach Portal, you can gain insights into your participants’ daily activities to help keep everyone accountable.
  • Kick off with a group meeting and set expectations. Whether in person, via Zoom or over the phone, holding an initial group meeting is a great way to set clear expectations that can define a rewarding experience for your participants. It also creates a team culture where participants can feel a sense of belonging and gain encouragement from others. Walk them through the My Challenge Tracker app, showing them how to track their activity and engage within the group. Tell them what they need to do to be successful (i.e., check in daily, drink Shakeology, set realistic short-term and long-term goals, etc.). Share how you and others in the group will support them along the way.
  • Share the Team Beachbody meal prep guides. These guides are tailored to different calorie needs and make meal prep simple, providing grocery lists and step-by-step instructions for planning breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks — one week at a time.
  • Lead by example with our #1 Vital Behavior, be proof the products work. Track your activity and share your experiences daily, so your participants can replicate actions that will help them succeed.
  • Connect and check in with participants constantly. Hold a weekly zoom call for your challengers to ask questions and share successes and challenges to increase group engagement and morale. Additionally, if you notice someone hasn’t been logging their activity, reach out to them individually to make sure everything is okay and encourage them to get back on track. They’ll be more likely to stick with the challenge if they know someone is holding them accountable.
  • Surprise your participants; throw down a challenge. Whether it’s a day where everyone completes 10 push-ups, shares their favourite meal photo and recipe, or does the most squats in a minute, small prizes or contests can help keep your participants engaged and motivated.
  • Recognise, Recognise, Recognise! Another Coach vital behavior, it’s key to recognise the positive changes and healthier lifestyle choices people make, no matter how small. Recognition keeps challengers engaged and motivated. Consider designating a day of the week to highlight someone’s success, or, better yet, do it daily.
  • Encourage participants to submit their results to the Beachbody Challenge. Everyone loves free stuff. Make sure your participants enter the challenge once they complete their challenge to get rewarded with a free completion prize.
  • Continue with the momentum even after your Challenge Group ends. Check out these tips for effectively wrapping up your Challenge Groups and getting your participants to join your next challenge – or transition to become a Coach.

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Week 0

(Week prior to challenge start date)
Day 1
Getting Started / Motivation / Trainer Tip

Ready to reinvent yourself? Welcome to our SHIFT SHOP Challenge Group.

This group is designed to help you become LEANER, FASTER, and STRONGER in just 3 weeks—regardless of your age or fitness level. The SHIFT SHOP uses a revolutionary "ramp-up" method that starts you off slow—then gradually increases in intensity week by week—all while refining your nutrition. And the trainer, Chris Downing, keeps it fun all the way.

So, together, we're going to work out 6 days a week. We're going to fuel our bodies with the right nutrition, Shakeology, and Beachbody Performance—everything needed to produce the best possible results. But there's one other important thing we're going to do: hold each other accountable.

I want you to treat this as your ultimate support group. One where you can connect with other members, ask questions, and share your experiences without judgment. We're all here for each other.

Also, from now until the end of our challenge, I will be adding helpful nutrition and fitness tips, inspirational thoughts, and tasty recipes to the mix.

So if you're ready to make the commitment, please go ahead and introduce yourself. Copy and paste your answers to these questions into the comments section below:

  1. Why are you committing to this challenge?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. What's your occupation?
  4. Which Shakeology flavour(s) are you drinking? AND/OR Which Beachbody Performance supplements are you taking?
  5. Why you choose SHIFT SHOP?
  6. How can we best support you to reach your goals?

Now, here's a special message from your trainer, Chris Downing, who would like to welcome you to the challenge. Check it out! https://youtu.be/0tmjC9xwe6M

Day 2
Getting Started / Beachbody On Demand / Fitness

To get your best results, you need the right fitness tools for your SHIFT SHOP workouts. Here are three tools that I highly recommend you get and become familiar with before you start the programme:

It's the best way to work out. By streaming the SHIFT SHOP through Beachbody On Demand, you'll always have fast-click access to every workout, modified versions of every move, and the nutrition plan you need to shift from the body you have to the body you want. Log in now.

You'll arrange these coloured markers in different formations during your speed workouts to help you stay focused while challenging you through each move. You can purchase them here—https://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/AgilityMarkerCA?referringRepId=yourID—or download a set of printable markers on Beachody On Demand. (If you purchased the SHIFT SHOP DVD & Shakeology Challenge Pack, they’re already included.)

Heavy weights are not required to achieve great results with SHIFT SHOP. However, a set of dumbbells will help you become stronger and more defined as you make your shift. Men, 10–25 lbs./Women, 5–15 lbs. will do the trick. To throttle up your results, challenge yourself and increase the weight throughout the programme.

Now, here's a video that will show you what the agility markers are all about: https://youtu.be/HaUjkLg5v80

Day 3
Getting Started / Nutrition / Shakeology

While the workouts may be a few days away, here are some things you can do TODAY to start making the shift:

Your programme materials are accessible through Beachbody On Demand—or inside the DVD Challenge Pack if you purchased one:

  • Jumpstart Guide: In 4 simple steps, it will help you start achieving your goals on Day 1. No sitting idle. The SHIFT SHOP is all about fast results.
  • Simple Shift Nutrition Guide: To keep your nutrition on track, this guide delivers the perfect balance of the right foods at the right time—by reducing starchy carbs while ramping up proteins and veggies each week—so you can stay focused and get your best results. You'll also want to use it as your guide to prepare your kitchen.
  • 3-Week Rapid Rebuild Calendar: Your road map for success. The wall calendar shows you which workout to do each day, helping you shift from the body you have to the body you want.

Who's started drinking their Shakeology? This is an easy way to prepare your body with nutrients it needs to help make and then maintain a successful shift. Shakeology is not just a delicious superfood, protein-packed shake with vitamins and minerals, adaptogens, probiotics, and more.

HOT TIP: My favourite Shakeology recipe is [INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE RECIPE].

During the challenge (or pre-/post-challenge for that matter), anytime you're stuck on which meals to prep, you can reference our book containing SHIFT SHOP-approved recipes. We've included breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, Shakeology recipes, and even a few desserts!

Day 4
Getting Started / Check-In

If you haven't already, today's a good day to set goals for what you'd like to accomplish by the end of your 3-week challenge. Think of what motivates you—your health? your family? your desire to improve?

Make a promise to yourself to give your best each and every day. We're going to do this together. So when the going gets tough, remember this promise.

A Transformation Tracker is included in the SHIFT SHOP Jumpstart Guide, allowing you to record your "before" weight, photos, and measurements. Not only will you be thankful you did this later on when you see how far you've come—tracking your "before" and "after" info is the only way you can enter the Beachbody Challenge to get a free SHIFT SHOP T-shirt.

Day 5
Getting Started / Nutrition

Get ready to make the nutrition part easier.

With only a couple days left before the start of our challenge, it's important that you're ready to fuel your body right. Here are the three best ways to accomplish that:

  • Clear all the junk foods from your cupboards.
  • Take a closer look at the Simple Shift Nutrition Guide. Determine the eating plan you want to follow, and start planning your meals now.
  • Use the food lists in the Simple Shift Nutrition Guide to go shopping for the ingredients you'll need for your meals.

HOT TIP: Think of food as fuel. For many people, food is entertainment. Or just something to pass the time. But not in the SHIFT SHOP. For the upcoming 3 weeks, the food you buy, prepare, and eat will be exactly what your body needs to perform and look its best.

Day 6
Getting Started / Beachbody On Demand / Fitness

Now it's time to determine where you'll be working out. For your strength workouts, you probably only need a 6' x 6' area of space. For your speed workouts, you can also do it in that space, but you may also want to open it up a bit. (Many people love doing the speed workouts outside.)

If you haven't already, download the Beachbody On Demand app. It allows you to work out anywhere you want, and sports a bunch of other results-enhancing features.

I'm planning to do the SHIFT SHOP in my/at the [INSERT WORKOUT SPACE].

Where does everyone else plan on working out?

Day 7
Getting Started

We start making the shift tomorrow. You pumped!?

This is the last chance to check these items off your list:

  • Get your SHIFT SHOP fitness tools (agility markers and dumbbells)
  • Start drinking Shakeology daily
  • Take your "before" photos, weight, and measurements
  • Grocery shop for your SHIFT SHOP-approved foods and start meal prepping
  • Choose the space(s) where you want to work out

1. Decide exactly when you want to work out each day, and block it off on your calendar. During Week 1, you'll need 25 minutes a day. Week 2 requires 35 minutes a day. Week 3 requires 45 minutes a day.

2. Tell your friends and family about your SHIFT SHOP Challenge Group, if you haven't already. You'll want their support along the way. Plus, it'll be easier to stay committed to your goals if everyone close to you knows what you're up to!


Week 1

Day 1: Speed :25
Day 2: Strength :25
Day 3: Speed :25
Day 4: Strength :25 AND Shift Core
Day 5: Speed :25
Day 6: Strength :25 AND Shift Core
Day 7: Shift Mobility OR Rest
Day 1
Fitness / Shakeology / Shop Rule

Welcome to the official start of Chris Downing's 3-Week Rapid Rebuild programme...the SHIFT SHOP.

Today's SHIFT SHOP workout? Speed :25. Chris takes you through 1-minute cardio intervals that work your entire body and get you breaking a sweat.

Shop Rule #1: TRY BEFORE YOU MODIFY. To see significant results out of the SHIFT SHOP, you want to push yourself. Go as hard as you can. The more you challenge your body, the more it's going to shift. (In a really good way.) Also, stick to your nutritional FUEL PLAN as best you can.

NOTE: If you find yourself struggling after trying the moves, don't be ashamed to follow the modifier. That's what the modifier's there for.

Alright, you ready? Grab your water, towel, and markers. Let's crush Speed :25 together!

HOT TIP: Since you're challenging your body, it needs all the essential nutrients it can get. Make sure to drink Shakeology daily, so you're helping give your body what it's asking for.

Day 2
Beachbody Performance / Fitness / Shop Rule

You did it. The hardest part of making the shift is just starting it, and you've done that. Congrats!

To get terrific results the rest of the way, just make sure to follow the workout calendar, eat according to your FUEL PLAN, track your progress, and give it your all.

Today's workout is Strength :25. In this one, Chris helps you build a strong foundation with 1-minute intervals that feature easy-to-learn resistance moves. And here's something you should keep in mind…

Shop Rule #2: YOU NEED FORM TO PERFORM. The best results come from doing each move with great form, even if you have to lower resistance.

So grab a light and a heavy set of dumbbells and water. Let's power up with some Strength :25.

HOT TIP: Your muscles will be challenged by the strength routines. If you want help with maximising your workout results, take the post-workout supplement Beachbody Performance Recover after you work out. With 20 grams of protein, BCAAs, and pomegranate extract, it’s the perfect way to help you build and maintain muscle mass.

Day 3
Beachbody On Demand / Check-In / Fitness

We're back to Speed :25 today!

I know what you're feeling right now. I'm feeling it, too.

The best part is, SHIFT SHOP is only 3 weeks—that's how I know we're going to stay committed.

BTW, what's everyone's favourite move from the Speed :25 workout?

Mine is [INSERT FAVOURITE MOVE]. What's yours? Take a picture of you doing it, and tag it #ShiftShop.

HOT TIP: Because you can take Beachbody On Demand everywhere you go, consider taking your routine outside today. And let it rip!

Day 4
Beachbody Performance / Check-In / Fitness / Shop Rule

OK, we're halfway through Week 1. Are you surviving? I want to know how everyone's feeling right now...

Today marks your second time through the Strength :25 workout, and your first time through the Shift Core workout. So think about this...

Shop Rule #3: BREATHE THROUGH IT. You're pushing a little harder now by doing two routines in one day. But you're ready. You just have to remain centred and focused. You've got this!

HOT TIP: If you need temporary help getting the focus and endurance to help you go the full distance, take the pre-workout drink Beachbody Performance Energize about a half an hour before your workout.

Day 5
Motivation / Shakeology

Speed :25 today! But before we get to that...

Coach Tip: Take some time to recognise the efforts of someone in your group! This helps foster camaraderie and strengthens community spirit. It's also a great way to encourage people to stay consistent with the programme over the upcoming weekend.

You could post about someone who's been crushing the workouts, using the modifier option, or just staying really faithful to the FUEL PLAN. For example: Shout out to [NAME]! She's been on point all week. Her determination is really inspiring. If you have a chance, tell [NAME] "great job" making the shift.

HOT TIP: If you're personally vibing the shift, and your family is watching you do it, they may be inspired to live healthier lives as well. That's why we created Shakeology for the adults...

Day 6
Fitness / Nutrition

Today's your second shot at rocking Strength :25 and Shift Core!

As you're doing these workouts—and as you're doing any workout—promise me that you'll also do this...


Now, what's everyone's favourite move from the Strength :25 workout?

Here's mine: [INSERT FAVOURITE MOVE]. Take a picture of you doing yours, and tag it #ShiftShop.

HOT TIP: Remember, anytime you want to fuel your shift with some out-of-the-box SHIFT SHOP-approved recipes, you can always find them here.

Day 7
Motivation / Nutrition / Shop Rule

WOOHOO! You made it through the first week.

So, today, you get to reward your body with Shift Mobility, which helps your muscles repair, so you can get ready for Week 2.

Which makes me think of something else you need to focus on...

Shop Rule #4: LOVE YOURSELF. The shift you're making to your body and mindset is the greatest thing you can do for yourself.

HOT TIP: Make sure you've shopped for all the food you need for next week. You get to eat an extra serving of vegetables each day, so load up your cart with items like spinach and celery. And remember, your Yellows are reducing, with legumes no longer included in your diet.


Week 2

Day 8: Speed :35
Day 9: Strength :35
Day 10: Speed :35
Day 11: Strength :35 AND Shift Core
Day 12: Speed :35
Day 13: Strength :35 AND Shift Core
Day 14: Shift Mobility OR Rest
Day 8
Fitness / Nutrition / Shakeology / Shop Rule

It's Week 2! Now that your body has adapted to cleaner eating and increased physical activity, it's time to ramp it up a bit.

You're going to push a little harder with 35-minute workouts each day. Plus, you're going to consume more protein while cutting back on starchy carbs.

Fortunately, as Spartan as this diet becomes, you still can indulge in Shakeology to help you get the extra protein and nutrition your body desires.

As you embark on Speed :35, note the intensity increases, along with the formations. The workout is designed to improve your agility, build your stamina, and burn more calories. So as you're rocking the routine, keep this in mind...


Day 9
Check-In / Fitness / Shop Rule

It's a brand-new day! How are you doing?

Remember, the first two weeks of the SHIFT SHOP gear you up to take on the third week—which is when all the results come together. So stick with it, you're almost there!

Today's Strength :35 workout combines foundational moves, ramps up the intensity, and creates new challenges as you continue to gain strength. I know you have it in you. In fact, this is the mindset Chris wants everyone to have...


When you're really feeling the fire I want you to get into it rather than shy away from it. This, once again, is Chris challenging us and testing our will. This is how we're going to get better.

Day 10

Hey gang, we've got Speed :35 again today!

Is there a move you're getting better at as the days go by? Let everyone know!

Also make sure you're drinking enough water every day, as recommended by the hydration calculator.

Day 11
Fitness / Motivation

OK, today is where we're testing ourselves with our first combination of the Strength :35 and Shift Core workouts.

It's all about one thing...


No need to feel intimidated, because Chris has been slowly ramping you up.

And remember, anytime you feel you have to follow the modifier to complete the workout, do so.

Let's do this!

Day 12
Beachbody On Demand

You're a pioneer. You're making the shift. And your Beachbody On Demand app lets you do it anywhere you like.

Even if you're in the middle of nowhere, with no internet service, OFFLINE MODE keeps you from skipping a beat.

Day 13
Check-In / Motivation / Success Story

Since we're almost 2 weeks into the programme, I'd like you to check in with the Transformation Tracker.

Keep in mind that, often times, your shift won't show up right away on the scale or in the exact photo you're taking. But there are huge health and fitness victories outside of that. As long as you adopt the SHIFT SHOP mindset, you're going to continue to improve as the programme goes along, and even long after the programme is completed.

So snap a few pics and share with the group if you'd like. Would love to see your progress!

Here's Rayna's awesome SHIFT SHOP results. Talk about motivation...

Day 14

Congrats on getting through Week 2! With only one week left, I know YOU CAN DO THIS!

Remember where you were two weeks ago—and focus on where you want to be. Week 3 is when everything comes together.

Do yourself a favour and plan your meals out for the entire week, so nothing can stand in the way of your success.

And as you think about the task ahead, keep in mind Chris' personal philosophy, which will carry you through the next week and beyond...


Week 3

Day 15: Speed :45
Day 16: Strength :45
Day 17: Speed :45
Day 18: Strength :45 AND Shift Core
Day 19: Speed :45
Day 20: Strength :45 AND Shift Core
Day 21: Shift Mobility OR Rest
Day 15
Fitness / Motivation / Shop Rule

Here we go. Last week. Are you excited!?

Now, your shift kicks into high gear. One full week of intense 45-minute workouts and say "goodbye" to the Yellow container this week.

Will it be challenging? You bet. So here's what I want you to do...


This is when you really start to see your best results, accelerated by today's workout, Speed :45. It ups the ante with dynamic new drills that continue to ramp up your conditioning, and prepare you to take on any challenge.

Also, we'll be using all 4 Agility Markers this week!

Day 16
Fitness / Motivation / Success Story / Shop Rule

Today, we're going to start with Shop Rule #8: GO BIGGER TO GET BETTER

Strength :45 is the ultimate resistance workout, designed to challenge every muscle group, increase definition, and get the very best out of you.

Need a little #TransformationTuesday inspiration?

Check out Carlos who crushed it with the SHIFT SHOP...

Day 17

Coach Tip: This is another great day to recognise the efforts of someone in your group.

You could post about someone who's really making a shift in the way they look, the way they're thinking about exercise and nutrition, or both!

For each of you, look back at the promise you made to yourself before you started. Use it to fuel your mindset the rest of the way.

Day 18
Fitness / Motivation / Nutrition / Shakeology / Shop Rule

We're almost done, hang in there! Today we go back to Strength :45 and Shift Core.

Which brings us to Shop Rule #9: JUST. ONE. MORE.

Speaks for itself, right?

This is the last stretch where we get seriously LEANER, FASTER, AND STRONGER. What we put into it is what we get out of it. And that goes for our nutrition as well.

Stick to the veggies, proteins, and make sure you're drinking your Shakeology daily.

Day 19
Motivation / Shop Rule

Last two days of tough workouts! But I know you're up to it. You've come this far!

So make sure today you follow Shop Rule #10: PUSH WITH PURPOSE.

Because once again, you're an inspiration. To me, to your friends, and to your family.

Day 20
Beachbody Performance

Your last day of tough workouts! This is it, everyone. You've nearly made it through the SHIFT SHOP!

Today is all about performance.

If you've got Energize and Recover, make sure you’re still using use BOTH, to help you push through to the finish line.

Day 21
Check-In / Motivation / Shop Rule

OMG, right? CONGRATULATIONS! We've crossed the finish line. Just a little Shift Mobility today to reward your bodies for all they've been through.

Which brings us to the last thing I want to share with you...


You've made the shift to get better. To reinvent yourself. And because you shifted your mindset as well as your body, you'll be able to build on these achievements for the rest of your life.

And the rest of your life starts now. So here's what you want to do today...

  1. Take your "After" Photos.
  2. Submit all of your photos, weight, and measurements so you can get your free SHIFT SHOP T-shirt. See FAQ 92 for instructions.
  3. Get some SHIFT SHOP gear to show off the shift you've made.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, prepare for your next fitness journey. You could do another round of the SHIFT SHOP. You could take it up a notch by following our hybrid calendar, which features other amazing workouts on Beachbody On Demand. You also could stream the three deluxe SHIFT SHOP workouts, Super Speed :50, Super Strength :50, and Super Shift Core—and follow the deluxe calendar for your next round.

On the nutrition side, you can also start to phase back in the Yellow container. But do it slowly. You could go back to the Week 2 eating plan for a couple days. Then go back to what you did in Week 1, slowly reintroducing the grains. See how your body responds throughout the process. Now that you know you can survive while modifying the Yellows, let them serve you when your body needs them most.

And, finally, remember…fitness + nutrition + support = results. So make sure to continue improving your overall health by eating right and drinking your Shakeology daily.

It's been a blast leading this Challenge Group for you guys—thanks for joining!