Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Whether you're just starting out, or already have a huge social community, it can be daunting to grow your Coach business on social media. What types of posts are best? When should you post? How can you make your posts engaging? Have no fear, these 10 easy-to-apply social tips will answer these questions and have your social activity and business growing in no time!


Profile Picture: Your photo should be of you. Use a headshot style photo where people can see your face, eyes, and smile. Your photos should show you are friendly and approachable!


Cover Photo: Your cover photo should be a true reflection of you. Show confidence, happiness, and encompass what you are all about.


Consistently Post: Post 3 times per day and know when your audience is online. (Note: Generally, best times to post are 9am, 12pm, and 9pm.)


Increase Your Activity: For more people to see your posts you need to know when your audience is logged on, and increase your own activity. When someone likes or comments on your post, tag them and either comment back or like their comment. Ask questions and post polls to increase engagement.


Eye Catching: Post images that are eye catching and original. Tell your story through your photos. Keep them professional, remember who is looking and who you want to attract.


Stay Within Your Brand: Share your personal brand through your style, story, philosophy, strengths. Think about what attracts others to you. Visualize your target audience and post/share things that are relevant to them. Stay professional. People want to see that you are just like them – they don't want to see perfection!


Inviting to Challenge Groups: Don't post a product discount to invite to a Challenge Group. Instead, post a photo that tells a story to invite to your Challenge Group, i.e. a 'before and after.' Use the message section to provide details; think about what would interest your audience, share solutions to help them.


Build Relationships: Like and comment on friend's posts. Use private messages to get to know new contacts. Learn about people and their needs before you invite them to a Challenge Group.


Invite with Facebook Events: Create a public event to reach the most people. Start the event a few weeks before your Challenge Group begins (creates excitement and a sense of urgency with a countdown to the Challenge Group kick-off). Share the benefits and values of Challenge Groups, including: sample workout moves, recipes from the meal plan, monetary savings of a Challenge Pack, and, of course, physical transformations.


Sharing Videos: Sharing YouTube links won't get viewed as much as directly uploading videos to Facebook. Share videos of yourself. Share your story; give people a glimpse into your life. Remember, people want to see the real you!