Strategizing For Summit Success


The best way to head into Summit? At the top of your game. And if you’re 15-Star Diamond Coach Bonnie Engle, that means taking strategic action every single day leading up to Beachbody’s biggest event of the year. If you’ve set your sights on securing big Summit qualifications for you and your Team, her advice will help you develop a winning gameplan to hit the homestretch hard. Dive into her Q&A if you’re ready to be inspired!

Q: How do you motivate your team to reach for Summit qualifications like Success Club parties or on-stage recognition?
Consistency! It’s easy to lose sight of a goal you’re working for, especially when things get hard. Certain members of my team are pushing for specific Summit goals, so to help them out, I put those individuals in a private group. In the group they receive different “reminders” from me every week to keep them on track—as well as “recognition” when they make progress!

Q: What specifically do you do to narrow your team’s focus going into Summit?
Summit is so important for building momentum. So to build excitement for this game-changing event, I’ll talk about Summit nonstop on my team pages, on my public social media, and I’ll even make videos about my past Summit experiences.

Q: What systems or approaches do you use to measure business progress?
Success Club! Every single week, I track me and my Team’s Success Club points. Then I make recognition boards that include everyone—even myself. And I always make sure that I’m consistently at the head of the pack, so that I lead by example.

Q: When your team isn’t where they want to be, how do you help them regroup and get back on track?
First of all, it’s important to remember that it’s normal for every team and Coach to get off track at some point in their business. But to get my team’s momentum going, I’ll host a “Positive Day” on our team page, where I encourage everyone to share one positive thing that happened in their business that week. After a few posts, the positivity grows! This exercise helps everyone get back on track and push themselves beyond what they would normally do.

Q: Will you provide examples of what “going beyond” looks like?
Just realizing there is always another step to be taken and that you are capable of so much more! For example, I’ll do a gut check every night before I close my computer. I’ll ask myself, “was there one more message I could have sent?” or “was there one more person I could have help today?”

Q: Describe the core activities of a new Coach who wants to succeed.
I see a lot of new Coaches get so caught up in ‘learning’ everything from their training that they forget to take action. However, those who do experience success early on in their business not only stick to the 4 vital behaviors, but they also take action every single day. So don’t think—just do!

Q: If you could have your Coaches do one thing consistently to create the greatest success, what would that be?
I would love for my Coaches to realize that success is simply about putting one foot in front of the other, day after day. I want them to stop overanalyzing what it takes to experience success. Instead, I want them to wake up every single day, look in the mirror, and say to themselves, “I am capable of this. I will help people every day and create a successful business.”