Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills—MELANIE MITRO, 15 Star Diamond Coach

If you want to become an extraordinary leader, best practices is key. With that in mind, we proudly present our 2015 Top Coach, Melanie Mitro. What are her biggest leadership challenges? What specific activities helped her reach the top? Soak up Melanie’s suggestions and build a strong foundation for your business 2016—and beyond!

Q. Coming out of our Leadership event, what were your top three takeaways?
I realized I need to do more Personal Development because that’s what will strengthen me as a leader. I loved what Julie Voris and Danielle Natoni said about sharing your goals with your Team. I also loved the panel with Becky Brossett, Anita Miron and Amy Silverman. It was so valuable to hear how other leaders struggle with leadership, and how they didn’t let it destroy their businesses. Lastly, Vito Lafata did a great job talking about confidence; it’s the best edge you can have in this business.

Q. What have been your biggest leadership challenges over the last year?
Maintaining the small Team feel with a larger Team; I love having a Team culture where everyone knows each other. We’re not just business partners. We’re great friends who work together. I constantly tweak my approach to training and mentoring so I can meet the needs of my changing Team. That takes self-reflection and evaluation. I do a lot of leadership Personal Development so I can be the best possible leader.

Q. What seeds are you planting to build a strong foundation for 2016?
I’ve been working hard on my personal plan for Challenge Groups, free groups, sneak peeks, and Coach training.  I’m also committed to 21 Day Fix Extreme, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, and getting my Team ready to do big things in this month’s Fall Classic! If I lead by example, it will build trust and consistency for future customers in January. Finally, I know that I might have to invite more in the next two months to get the same results as in the summer. I’m willing to do that because I don’t want to lose momentum—I’m not slowing down!

Q. What business activities have you have done consistently to achieve Top Coach status?
First, I lead by example with my workouts. I’ve done every Beachbody program and share my journey every day on social media. Secondly, the 3 Vital Behaviors have helped get me to where I am. Third, duplication is so important. If you want to be a Top Coach, you have to effectively communicate your vision and systems. Next, Success Club has been a non-negotiable—and the cornerstone of my business. And finally, I’ve developed strong leadership in my organization. It’s not an “I” thing; it’s a “Team” thing.​

Q. What goals have you set for yourself and your Team for 2016?
Personally, I want to improve my leadership skills, invest in more Personal Development seminars, and continue to stay in the Top 10. Balance is important, so whatever goals I set need to be realistic for our family. They are my number one priority. For my Team, I want to offer more advanced training to help them reach their goals. It’s all about system improvement and not re-inventing the wheel. The more efficient we can be as a Team, the faster we’ll have success.​

Q. Goal-setting advice for a new Diamond Coach?
Check the Leadership Ladder. Aim to reach the Team Leader rung as soon as possible so you’re beginning to build your Team cycle bonus and doing the things a successful leader does. Perfect your niche, improve your social media presence, and expand your market of influence. Do lots of Personal Development, and never stop doing the 3 Vital Behaviors. No matter what your rank in the company—to stay successful you have to do the basics.​ Don’t let Diamond be the end of the road; it’s truly just the beginning.

Q. Finish this sentence: If you do ————, you’ll achieve —————.
If you do the things I’m telling you and continue to be innovative, passionate and forward thinking, you’ll achieve your own personal best in the business. It’s not about what I’ve achieved; it’s about what you want to achieve. Give yourself permission to create your own definition of success and then go after it!  ​

Q. Best piece of leadership advice you’ve ever received?
Thank you to Jeremy Redd, who always reminds me to take time for myself. Best advice ever. I tend to be the person that works 24/7, but I’m only at the top of my game if I allow myself to rest and recharge. So I always find time each week to mentally disconnect and recharge my batteries. Unplugging is actually part of the job. And if I stay fresh, my Team will continue to succeed!