For Lisa, life was unraveling fast.

At 30, she was desperate, trapped in an unhealthy relationship, and struggling from paycheck to paycheck. When her husband declared bankruptcy, she was suddenly responsible for all of their debt. She was broke, but not a quitter.

Determined to find a fresh start, Lisa filed for divorce, took her daughter to Atlanta and embarked on a new venture that would change her life forever.

“I signed with Beachbody right after my divorce. I was hoping to make $100 a month and make some new friends in my new town,” she says, looking back.

The Best Way to Get Started? Just Start.
Like everybody who jumps without a safety net, she was terrified. But Lisa’s a fighter. So she dug deep and got going. “I jumped right in and started meeting new people. Not so much with the intention of selling or recruiting them, but just to make contacts.”

“I was just sharing my own personal experience and my love for the products… and that was just so contagious, people soon started coming to me, like ‘hey, I want to be part of that.’”

Lisa Finds Her Why.
The simple, but extremely powerful act of making connections turned Lisa’s life, and her Coaching business, around. Instead of making $100 a month, her paychecks were growing.

And her passion for Coaching was taking off, too. “At first, I didn’t think anybody would sign up with me. But once other people joined me and I saw how excited they were to have the hope of a future, that became my Why.” And that $100 a month turned into six figures.

Challenge Packs are Key
Challenge Packs proved to be critical to Lisa’s success—the product that fueled her skyrocketing success. “I do very well with Challenge Packs,” she says. “It’s the absolute best way to get a new Coach started right.”

She has an awesome analogy. “It’s kind of like, if you have a Starbucks, you can’t open a store without having some kind of product.” And since Beachbody has such tremendous products, Challenge Packs virtually sell themselves and give a Coach a surefire way to get going.

Lisa Plugs In: The Power of Connecting
Her first Summit provided her “a-ha” moment. “You’re surrounded by 6,000 powerful, positive, totally empowered people with all this energy and passion. You can’t help but see for yourself how Coaching makes your world bigger.”

This career defining moment couldn’t have come at a better time. It was when Success Club was first introduced and Lisa qualified that very first month and the month after that. In all, she’s made Success Club an astounding 34 consecutive months and counting.

Lisa attributes her success to two things. The trust she’s gained in herself—and the high-voltage energy she gets plugging in to the power of Beachbody.

“It’s so important to get connected to everything corporate puts out there. Get to corporate events. Get on the National Coach Call. Connect with your upline.” And make things happen for yourself and your team.

It’s a Team Effort
As an 11-Star Diamond Coach, an Elite Coach in 2010 and 2011, with 11 Lifetime Diamonds, there are important lessons we can all learn from Lisa.

For starters, she believes in sharing the buzz of Summit by taking her team along. “We all pile into the same room, we work hard, we sing songs, and we’re accountable to each other. That’s how we roll.”

And it works.

Lisa’s success is a testament to the tools and the inspiration she receives from Beachbody. Today she’s just moved into a new house. In the first 9 months of this year alone, she’s earned more than she did in 5 years at her old job. She travels, has plenty of time for her daughter. And, as she says, “I’m living the life that I never dreamed I would ever have.”

Her advice to other Coaches, “People need to look at Beachbody as a gift. And it’s their job to offer that gift to someone else.”

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Don’t “sell” products—sell passion. If these are workouts you’re interested in, find people who are interested in them, too.
  • Self-confidence is essential. Believe in yourself and others will, too.
  • Focus on Challenge Packs— when you’ve got an awesome product, it sells itself.
  • Facebook, Facebook, Facebook—After you meet someone, go home and “Friend” them immediately.
  • Recruit Coaches who are “hungry.” Once they succeed, they’ll never stop!
  • Plug in to Corporate—Go to the events. Be at Summit. Dial into the National “Wake Up” Call! Make use of the tools that are there for the taking.
  • Don’t stop believing. Don’t let negative energy hold you back.