Summing Up a Super Saturday


On June 29th, we took Super Saturday by storm!

Over 6000 Coaches. 425 events all over the U.S., Canada—even military bases in foreign lands.

And at the heart of this edition of Super Saturday? The launching of Vanilla Shakeology® and FOCUS T25™.

There was even a touching life transformation story from Brigitte Linford. Add in the announcement of the Team Beachbody Cup in July and dates for Franklin Covey training and this was, by all accounts, one of the biggest Super Saturdays ever!

Inspiration across the nation
All over the U.S., Team Beachbody® was out to represent on Super Saturday.

Kristina Delgado and Becky Brossett had a live workout with a master trainer in Miami. Kristina Sullins had almost 400 people in Chicago—more than doubling her attendance from the previous Super Saturday.

Nicole L. Jones held her first Super Saturday event in Boston and called it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Heather and Trey Reichert were pumped up about their event in Houston and plan to do it on a regular basis.

But no matter the city, everyone fed off the undeniable energy of thousands of Coaches coming together with a united goal: building some serious momentum for the next quarter.

The hosts speak out
Here’s what a few Coaches had to say about hosting the June event:

“I was very impressed at how easy Beachbody made it to present Super Saturday. Everything was structured in such a way that anyone can host.”

“I absolutely loved the atmosphere and the Team building that occurred!

“We’re working on expanding the Atlanta market. We did a 80s theme this time and it was a big hit!

“This is the biggest Super Saturday we’ve had so far and are searching for an even bigger location for the next few events!”

“We alternate hosting super Saturdays throughout our Chicago leadership team. We also offered a live INSANITY workout which brought in a lot of guests.”

Save the date
So what’s your next opportunity to make the magic happen? Grab a pen and mark down September 29th. That’s when thousands of Coaches will once again join forces and get their super swagger on.

You’ll learn about new products and promotions. Create a plan. Celebrate success. And just in case you need even more reasons to take part in the September Super Saturday, digest these pearls of wisdom:

  • Up your quarterly sales. See a new video from corporate chock-full of announcements, training tips, and a call to action that points each Coach in the same direction.
  • Get face to face. This is a relationship business. Period. And attending live events like Super Saturday provides a raw, organic energy you just can’t get from Facebook or Twitter.
  • Walk the Talk. Super Saturday is an opportunity to network with other Coaches and take one big, positive step for your business.

And the best part of all? Any Coach at any rank can take action and host his or her own event. For a valuable video on how to host a Super Saturday event, be sure to check this out: //

To find out more information about Super Saturday events in your area, go to: Coach Online Office> News & Training > Events > Super Saturday 2013.

Click here to register your city and event.

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Whatever plans you have for September 29th, make sure they include attending or hosting a Super Saturday near you. Let’s make it nothing short of epic.