What it Takes to Win the Cup

Team Beachbody Cup

One competition. Four weeks. Tons of fantastic prizes and business-building benefits.

We're talking, of course, about the Team Beachbody® Cup. And on August 1, thousands of Coaches will once again go all out for a chance to make history and have their names engraved on the iconic Cup.

Why is it so important to take part? "It's an awesome opportunity to get focused, push your limits and develop your business for an entire month," says 2014 Elite Coach and winning Cup Captain, Emilie Robidas. "You also make great friends and learn the power of teamwork."

Winning Team Captain Dany Basque adds, "The Cup creates serious momentum and a superior level of activity. All Coaches should participate no matter their rank."

The power of preparation

Like most things in life, success in the Team Beachbody Cup is determined by doing the groundwork. "You must have a contact list with at least 100 names of people you will get in touch with a week or two before the Cup even starts," explains Emilie. "And make sure to find people that have similar goals as you."

Emilie has advice for what to do before the competition gets rolling. "Brainstorm a Team name first," she says. "That's powerful because it builds a vision and creates Team spirit right from the start."

There's more great advice where that came from. "Hold a Team Call before the Cup even starts to build a bond," she says. "Talk about your game plan and exchange best practices, too."

It's all about setting goals

Dany understands the importance of setting goals—right from the start. "From the get go, we discuss our Team goals and our master plan of achieving the maximum amount of Success Club points," he says.

Dany makes sure his Team is focused on mini goals along the way. "Aim for the tiered prizes as the weeks advance," he advises. "Use this as a milestone in your quest to the ultimate goal of winning the Cup and also to keep motivation at its highest level."

Dany continues, "After your group page is officially open on Facebook, use video conference software to get together to talk about the Team and individual goals. That helps the entire Team strategize and stay on the same page."

And speaking of getting everyone on the same page…

Create a 'super' plan

Perhaps the best way to rally the troops? Get to the next Super Saturday on June 25th.

"Super Saturday is the ultimate way for people to get pumped up for the Cup," says Dany. "It's important to network with other Coaches and gather as much information as possible."

Dany suggests asking key Cup-based questions at the event. "I recommend asking Coaches how many invites they do a day or finding out what their best Cup-based strategy is on social media," he says. "That will definitely prepare you and get you ready to compete."

The ultimate key to victory

So after all this valuable information, what's the number one thing our Cup-winning Captains attribute to winning the competition?

"It takes a no-excuse attitude to succeed in this challenge. Both times we won; we had that positive mindset." says Dany. "But in the long run, you will see all the benefits of your hard work no matter what."

Emilie echoes those sentiments. "Working with people who force you out of your comfort zone will help you reach goals you never thought possible," she says. "With good Team synergy you can move mountains."

Don't wait, gather your Team now and starting July 20th you can register for the Cup at www.teambeachbody.com/teambeachbodycup.