Tarah Carr: Success from Home Savvy


Army wife and business saavy go-getter, Tarah Carr doesn’t fight her battles lying down. Being the wife of a Green Beret was never easy. But after being relocated to Japan when her husband Adam was issued a permanent change of station, Tarah felt her isolation from the world weighing down on her.  Alone in a foreign country with a newborn to take care of and a husband who was regularly deployed, Tarah began noticing that her depression was starting to manifest in her weight.

“Every time Adam came home, I was bigger, more depressed, and wanting to go back to Ohio,” she remembers.

Inspired by her husband’s success with P90X, Tarah decided to give Chalene Johnson’s TurboFire a try.  After popping in her first DVD, she knew immediately that this was the program for her. She wound up losing 49 lbs. in 90 days!  Even after delivering her second son, Tarah’s dedication had her back in a size double zero 90 days later!

Confident Coaching

Tarah got into Coaching when she realized she could get paid for inspiring others with her story—which she was already actively doing.

“I knew I could make the sales because I already had hooked my friends on the fitness programs and Shakeology,” she recalls.

Before she knew it, her business and confidence began to soar! Scaling the Coaching ranks, it quickly became clear that Tarah’s business was a force to be reckoned with.

“It was just so fun for me! I realized for the first time that I wasn’t obsessing over my husband being deployed, and I wasn’t staying up late because I was worrying,” she shares.  “I was actually staying up late because I was helping people!”

Fight for (Financial) Freedom

Even with her newfound passion, Tarah still struggled having her husband away for so long.  “I was tired of being up every night trying to explain to my kids that their daddy was okay and would be coming home soon, while not always knowing in my heart if that was the truth,” she confides.

As a result, she was shocked when Adam turned to her one day and said, “Keep this up babe, and you could retire me.  Seriously, if you hit six figures before my contract is up, I’ll get out.  I miss the boys— I’m ready for my time in the service to be over.”

That was all Tarah needed to hear!  She began signing Coaches left and right, pushed herself to advance from an 8 Star to a 14 Star Diamond, and 10 months later she hit her goal of pulling in 6 figures.  Now she and Adam plan on moving their family back to the states next spring!”

“I guess you could say I’m just driven by a goal.  But that goal had a lot of power behind it!” she exclaims.

The Plan of Attack – Success from Home Magazine

Much of Tarah’s success in creating financial stability for her family was her strategic plan of attack.  Not letting any resource go to waste, Tarah systematically utilizes Team Beachbody’s tools and incentives to motivate her Coaches to bring in more business.

Her most recent secret weapon?  The Team Beachbody featured edition of Success from Home.

“I’ve never seen a magazine filled with so many driven and successful people.  Looking at it, it’s hard not to think, why not me?  It’s inspiring,” shares Tarah.

She continues, “At Summit, I gave all of my Diamonds an iPod Nano, Vanilla Shakeology, and the Success from Home magazine.  Nobody even said a word about the iPod because they were all so excited about the magazine!  I laughed so hard because I wasn’t expecting that response!”

Tarah still has a lot of plans for using Success from Home.  Currently, she is sending each of the Coaches in her downline a copy of the magazine with a handwritten note reminding each of them of their past journeys and future goals.  She hopes this magazine will motivate her Coaches to envision a bigger future for themselves while giving them a resource to use while recruiting.

The Hope for More Homecomings

Tarah’s journey doesn’t stop here, though.  With the responsibility of taking care of members of both her immediate and extended family, Tarah hopes to continue to grow her business, confidently declaring that she will be in the millionaires’ circle within the next two years.

Additionally, she says, “ I want to help my Coaches hit six figures and pay off their debts just like I did.  A lot of my Coaches are also military spouses and want to bring their husbands home. I know if I can do it, I can help them do it, too.”

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Make use of tools created for you: Success from Home Magazine, the Product Catalogue and many others tools can truly change your business.
  • Communicate with your team: Send weekly notes to your new Coaches, create incentives and fun rewards. Think of unique ways to motivate and inspire your Coaches.
  • Believe in yourself and your story: Once you have confidence in your own journey, you will begin to share instead of sell.