‘Tis the Season to be Thankful


With the holidays in full swing, it’s easy to feel bogged down and stressed out. The remedy? Our top Elite Coaches let gratitude be their guide to find sources of major inspiration in their lives.


Because getting supremely motivated can kick your work ethic into the highest gear. As you soak up these heartfelt tributes, think about what drives YOU? Find that one special thing that inspires you everyday, and will drive you to work insanely hard to exceed your goals.

“My youngest daughter, Ollie Faith was born with Down syndrome and had open-heart surgery at 4 months old. She works so much harder than any kid I know to achieve milestones and keep up with her peers, but she always does it with a smile on her face. She makes me a better mother, a better Coach, and a better person.”
Annie Reid, 5 Star Diamond Coach

“My Dad. He immigrated to Canada with my mom without knowing the language. In January. During a snowstorm. With $1,000 Canadian dollars! That is HARD. In comparison, everything I face in life is EASY.”
Miguel Carrasco, 6 Star Diamond Coach

“This may be an odd answer, but my biggest inspiration is my former self. I used to be very closed off, negative, and unhappy. She inspires me to become so much more. That girl I used to be is still there inside of me, but she’s a reminder of why I work so hard, and how I can continue to grow personally.”
Brittnae Giesau, 10 Star Diamond Coach

“My children. I want to be able to say, “YES,” to any dream they want to pursue. Extra ballet classes? Absolutely. More voice lessons? Definitely. I want to say, “YES,” without worrying about any financial stress.”
Julie Voris, 9 Star Diamond Coach

“My dad. He was an entrepreneur is whole life. When he started his last business, they almost lost everything—but he kept putting every dime into their business. He eventually sold it 10 years later for 3x its gross income!”
Holly Meredith, 6 Star Diamond Coach

“My husband! He has sacrificed so much in order to achieve his dream of working in Special Forces. He is proof that impossible things are possible if you believe in yourself and work hard enough for long enough!”
Brittany LeGette Shumard, 10 Star Diamond Coach

“My mother is my biggest inspiration. She had me at 17 years old and did not finish college. She always placed family first and worked hard to give us a beautiful life.”
Alyssa Schomaker, 8 Star Diamond Coach

The power that inspiration can have is undeniable. In fact, being truly inspired is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Who or what inspires you? Remember your “Why” and let it be your difference maker, your springboard to success. Keep it in the back of your mind—every day. You’ll work harder, smarter, and be more determined than ever to reach your goals!

Here’s a toast to a tall glass of inspiration for the holidays!