Top Takeaways from Summit

Top Takeaways From Summit

Thousands of Coaches descended on Nashville, Tennessee for one of the most memorable events in Beachbody® history. Yes, Coach Summit 2015 was a "see-it-to-believe-it" experience in every way. So now what?

It's time to take all that you learned and turn it into a colossal second half of the year. We proudly present a post-Summit plan that will leave you inspired, focused and ready to roll!

Put the workshops to work

There's a reason you had to pre-select a track for the Summit workshops this year: it's a highly popular, rare opportunity to learn from Beachbody's best. Coaches learned many key things, including how to leverage the power of their personal story, creating Challenge Groups that produce future rockstar Coaches, and how to connect the benefits of Shakeology® with the needs of customers. Want to mirror these proven tactics and follow the roadmap to success? Keep your eyes on the Coach Online Office for the replays of the workshops – coming soon!

Channel the Inspiration

To say the Keynote Speakers, Simon Sinek and Dewitt Jones, rocked the Summit stage during the General Sessions is a total understatement. But what good is all the incredible inspiration without a specific plan of attack? It's time to channel their powerful messages and use them to boldly go where no Coach has gone before.

Want more of Dewitt's inspiration?

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Tap into Team Building

There's nothing like the sense of Team building that takes place at Summit. Coaches bonded and focused on new ways to take their Teams to the next level. What's more, the break-out sessions produced big ideas, the sharing of best practices, and new game plans for greatness. Want to duplicate that team bonding going forward? Reach out to some fellow Coaches and create an accountability system or partnership. Here are some awesome National Wakeup Calls full of key tips that will keep you on track towards reaching your goals:

Maximize our new product launches

This Summit we launched the most products yet: CIZE, FIXATE, the Beachbody Performance line and Shakeology Boosts. So what's the best way to blast the news? The awesome marketing tools in the Coach Online Office plus the sizzling videos you can find on social media. Each one will help you spread the word with supreme confidence. There is such variety among these new programs you are sure to find someone who will LOVE and need them! Looking for marketing materials to help you get the conversation started? Check these out:

Heed the words of Beachbody's executives

What got Coaches the most fired up during Summit? Hearing from Beachbody executives Carl, Michael, and Jeff. They enlightened Coaches with their unique perspective, personal stories, and vision for the company. But don't let their passion go to waste; remember the power you have as a Coach and that you are an ambassador for some of the most important brands in the world.

How can you spread the word? Make sure you review and renew your passion for all things Beachbody with some of these materials:

Make 'Everyone Matters' your mantra

This year's emotional Summit theme, Every One Matters, resonated with Coaches in a big, big way. We were reminded that this is a relationship business. Every Shakeology or Challenge pack you sell can be someone's springboard to good health. But how can you take these meaningful words and put them into action for the second half of 2015? Here are a few places to start:

Go after your goals

Seeing all the compelling video tributes and powerful, on-stage recognition was one of the most moving parts of Summit. After all, these are people who were once in your shoes and have come so far on their journey. Use these links to discover or reinvent your Why and create concrete goals for the rest of 2015—and beyond!

A huge thank you goes out to #CoachSummit2015 Keynote speaker, Dewitt Jones! Not only did Dewitt inspire Team Beachbody with his talk on creativity and vision but he took extra time to explore Summit and capture the extraordinary in the ordinary through the lens of his iPhone.