Words From the Wise


Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither are the best Coaching businesses. The truth is there are no shortcuts—just hard work, consistency, and time. No one knows this better than Team Beachbody’s Elite.

What habits do they attribute to their success?

Their answers prove they didn’t reach the top by sitting on the sidelines. They practice winning strategies—every single day. Read on and get inspired to put their words into action!

Fran Patoskie, 10 Star Diamond“I’ve never missed Success Club since the day it started. I also regularly sponsor 2-5 new Coaches every month and encourage them to get Emerald within their first month. I religiously do the 3 Vital Behaviors, especially Personal Development. And of course, I never stop being the student!”
Fran Patoskie, 10 Star Diamond
Priscilla Ashleigh, 7 Star Diamond“I keep a list of all my prospects and am constantly adding new people to my social network. Finding, inviting, and signing up Coaches has also helped my success. Plus, having my new Coaches focus on reaching Success Club every month has been HUGE!”
Priscilla Ashleigh, 7 Star Diamond
Brittnae Giesau, 6 Star Diamond“My business success is a direct reflection of consistency and duplication. I do necessary tasks daily and consistently move my business forward each day. And by duplicating these processes with my Team, I’ve helped their growth and my entire Team’s success.”
Brittnae Giesau, 6 Star Diamond
Tiffany Dansie, 7 Star Diamond“Start Challenge Groups! I have started at least one, every single month since I became a Coach. Then, I approach those that are seeing results and talk to them about the Coaching opportunity!”
Tiffany Dansie, 7 Star Diamond
Susannah Johnson, 5 Star Diamond“I make sure everyone on my Team feels valued by investing myself in their lives and asking what their goals and challenges are.”
Susannah Johnson, 5 Star Diamond
Katy Ursta, 6 Star Diamond“Time management has been the key to my success. While working full time as a teacher, I made sure to schedule ‘office hours’ as a Coach.”
Katy Ursta, 6 Star Diamond
Missy Hacker, 10 Star Diamond“Showing up every single day from day one. I also make Success Club 10 non-negotiable and commit to recruiting 5 new Coaches a month.”
Missy Hacker, 10 Star Diamond
Megan Ewoldsen, 8 Star Diamond“I attribute my success to doing the basics and doing them consistently.”
Megan Ewoldsen, 8 Star Diamond
Greg Armfield, 8 Star Diamond“Consistently following the game plan of inviting, running Challenge Groups, and being a product of the product.”
Greg Armfield, 8 Star Diamond

Remember, it’s one thing to read these invaluable tips—but to move up the Coaching ranks, you’ve got to put them into practice.

So, implement these Elite tips daily and stay laser-focused on your goals. And hopefully soon, your name will join the ranks of the Elite!

And remember, the deadline to reach Elite for 2014 is November 27, 2014.

Here are the Elite requirements:

ATV: 11 pts MIN
NEW DIAMONDS (Paid as on Dec. 31, 2014): 2
PAID AS: 5 Star Diamond – Dec. 31, 2014

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